About Us

A true oasis….the perfect property no mountains, no rocks, no nothing but directly to the beach without going up or down, the best in the market with the best beaches. This property is located in front of the Pacific Ocean next to Decameron Hotel. The house has four bedrooms, three full baths. Each bedroom has its own a/c, 10 beds (bunk beds) and two queen size bed. Beautiful luscious gardens, 3 gazebos one in garden area, one in pool area with hammocks and a huge one in front of the Pacific Ocean with its own plasma TV (cable and internet connection) and for your relaxation in front of the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean two huge umbrellas made of palm trees with four giant lounge chairs to better your enjoyment of those unbelievable views of the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean….waterfall, and parking for 5 vehicles.

This is a gated community owners association with tremendous 24 hour security 7 days per week five guards on post in normal days and eight guards on holidays ( all areas like beach, streets, residential parks, etc.) Two fully and complete functioning kitchens the one in front of the ocean has its own built in BBQ each with a huge island, the center of entertaining for family and friends with views on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and your own very large swimming pool.

At night time you have more than 100 lights through the whole entire property with ground effects to make your night a joyful or romantic one next to the fireplace and torches with special fire effects Hawaiian style hanging from the ceiling and walls in the living room area. You also have 2 caretakers for all your personal needs (PLEASE BE KIND THIS PEOPLE WORK ON TIPS… RENTAL PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THEM) Personal items are not included such as towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo,etc.

Who We Are

Watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean with the beach house vacation rental from Rancho Kassondra. While you stroll through our beautiful, luscious gardens, take in the amazing views of the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. There is even a waterfall and a spacious pool with a hammock and four giant lounge chairs.

Take shade beneath two huge umbrellas made of palm trees, lounge at the gazebo in the garden, or relax under the gazebo by the pool. We provide a plasma television with cable and Internet in the gazebo by the ocean. Our beach house is made to provide luxury, comfort, and relaxation for the whole family.

Great Service

Have a good time when you stay at the beach house vacation rental from Rancho Kassondra. We have been in business for more than 15 years, pouring our hearts into ensuring our guests receive the best service and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

This property perfectly accommodates couples and families with children, including disabled individuals. Guests tell us how much they love staying here. We believe this is the best house in the area and no other property compares. It is an immaculate, quality home, and the beaches on its doorstep are pristine.

Relish your memories of your amazing stay at our property. We hope you always fondly remember your visit, and we look forward to accommodating you again.

Call USA (631) 943-1878 0r El Salvador (503)-241-77777 to book our sensational beach house vacation rental.